Song of India plant (Dracaena reflexa)


The Song of India plant is a species from the Dracaena genus (Dracaena reflexa) that is a popular house plant. This evergreen plant is easy to grow and maintain. The bright lime-green leaves of Song of India make for a lovely addition to any garden or interior.

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Song of India (Dracaena reflexa) is an ornamental houseplant with glossy foliage, striped in yellow and green. This house plant, also called Pleomele, is an air-purifying indoor plant. A popular, easy-to-grow variety, Song of India has reed-like leaves, edged and streaked in soft gold. Song of India plant is described as variegated as the leaves are multi-colored with bright green centers and yellow margins. The color’s fade to light green and cream as the leaves age. The delicate golden streaking makes the Song of India a good choice for any dull corner of the living room. It is called Song of India as it originated in Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius and other islands near the Indian Ocean. The plant usually grows up to about 3 feet indoors and has bushy, tree-type foliage.


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