Nephrolepis exaltata, Boston fern (Hanging Basket) – Plant


This pack contains Boston fern potted in a hanging pot.



  • You will get a Boston fern potted in a hanging pot in a single pack.
  • Hanging baskets add visual impact by bringing plants up to eye level.
  • Hanging baskets are moveable and add interest in unexpected places.
  • Boston fern is very easy to care and drought tolerant plant.

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Combo Constituents

SrNo Item name Qty
1 Nephrolepis exaltata bosteniensis, Boston Fern – Plant 1
7.1 inch (18 cm) Corsica No. 18 Hanging Round Plastic Pot (Black) 1

Special Feature

Boston ferns are typically attractive, with long, graceful fronds with tiny leaves. It is a relatively tough fern, with a higher tolerance for light and drought than other species. This plant is very easy to care. You can hang the Money plant with the help of hanging pot to decorate your balcony, terrace, etc. Hanging baskets can bring a sense of serenity and beauty to your environment.
Boston fern is a very good air purifier plant. The NASA Clean Air Study showed that the Boston Fern could filter Formaldehyde, Xylene, and Toluene from the air.


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