Muraya Paniculata (Table Mano Kamini)


Muraya Paniculata or Table Mano Kamini lives up to its name. It is a plant straight out of your dreams- exquisite, with a beautiful smell that will lift your spirits on the worst of days and easy to maintain. This piece of art is an evergreen shrub that has oval, shiny, deep green leaves. And it gets even more beautiful in spring when clusters of white flowers adorn it. This tropical plant is ideally suited for your tropical garden and will add to its beauty in more than one way.

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Plant Care

  • Place your Ficus in indirect bright sunlight or filtered light
  • It require moderate moist soil let it dry between waterings or water twice a week
  • Prefers rich organic soil
  • Fertilize frequently
  • Pruning once in a few months is suggested to rejuvenate the plant.


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